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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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if you're a flood victim in richland county, officials want to hear from you. those officials are hosting a series of six feedback meetings over the next few days. our chad mills was at the first one tonight at st. andrews park. and they are important meetings. what the engineers running the meetings hear will affect the projects and corrections they devise to help lessen the effects of future flooding. "it was surreal. it was just surreal. little bit of panic, yes, but definitely just knowing that we had to get out. it was before we even knew what was going on everywhere else and before we
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dangerous and deathly it had become." karen valentine survived the historic october flood. but her home on gills creek in forest acres did not. "some volunteers from fort jackson came by and a couple of them followed me into the house for the first time, and they said, 'ma'am, what can we do? what can we do? what do you want us to do?' i really didn't even know what to tell them." five feet of drywall was waterlogged, furniture had floated around, and a layer of mud was everywhere. the damage still has her displaced. but she's doing her part to help officials prepare for the next flood, which is what this meeting is all about. a company contraraed by richland county is in the process of gathering detailed data from flood victims like valentine to compile a list of projects that'll potentially lessen the effects of a future flood. "what we're trying to do, as i stated earlier, is just trying to get an assessment so that we can assess these ideas and problems and then further address them." heather lovell brought her problem to the county. tha apartment complex she
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creek -- severely flooded in october. "on the fourur, total devastation is what it was like. all the way up to the second floors, the apartments were flooded out." and since then, the problems with the bordering stoop creek haven't gone away. "during the normal rain that we have -- just a normal, average south carolina rain -- the creek starts to rise and almost overflows again on us." the reason she, and others, are hoping these community input meetings will yield results. officials with the contractor, tetra tech, say the report should be done in about two months. they'll be collecting more data in more public input sessions and then doing some field work too. when the report is done, they say they'll rate the corrective action plans and present them to richland county council. it's another cold night in the
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ben tanner is keeping an eye on the temperatures. let's get a check on the latest conditions right now. prepare for another very cold night with lows in the lower 20s. wednesday is partly cloudy with highs in the mid 40s and a 20% chance of a late day, early evening sprinkle or flurries. cold showers will develop thursday afternoon with higig near 50 degrees. expect periods of rain friday and some rain may be heavy at times. highs in the middle 50s, rain chance 90%. the system quickly moves t early saturday, colder air behind the storm will sneak into the area on the back end in time for a flurry or two early saturday. sunday looks mostly sunny, highs near 50.
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hoping a car caught on camera could help them catch a killer. they're looking to identify the driver of a dark sedan that was seen driving on longreen parkway just past journey church road. the location is near where adrian silva was
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investigators think whoever was in the sedan ay have seen the kililr. silva was riding his motorcycle on churchland road towards lee road when he was shot. call crimestoppers if you have any information that can help. the coast guard is suspending a massive search for 12 marines who've been missing since two helicopters crashed near hawaii. after nearly five days, the search was called off today. one of the missing marines has been identified as jeffrey sempler, who is a native of the upstate. on thursday, someone on the beach reported seeing the helicopters flying and then seeing a fireball. coast guard crews spotted debris about 2 and a half miles off the coast of oahu. on the campaign trail tonight, former alaska governor sarah palin has endorsed donald trump in a key time and place she announced her support for trump in iowa, where the caucuses will be held in less than two weeks.
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sarah palin - throwing her weight behind donald trump in iowa. god bless you! god bless the united states of america, and our next president of the united states, donald j trump the 2008 gop vice presidential nominee - a darling of the social conservatives and evangelicals who play a big role in the iowa caucuses - delivered a glowing endorsement of trump as the anti- establisment candidate. palin: "you guys are all sounding kinda angry, is what we're hearing from the establishment. doggone right, we're angry!! justifiably so!!! it's a coup for trump - who's locked in a tight fight for first in iowa with ted cruz. presidential candidate:45-:47 "we're gonna give 'em hell!" and for cruz - it's a notable slight, because palin supported his 2012 senate bid. presidential candidate :53-1:02 "without her friendship and support, i wouldn't be in the senate today.
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sarah decides to do in 2016, i will always remain a big, big fan of sarah palin." but sarah palin says she's a big fan of trump - who's hoping palin power the tide for him in iowa. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. if the polls are right, hillary clinton may be in trouble in the new hampshire primary. a new cnn poll shows rival bernie sanders with a 27 point lead over clinton in the state. sanders is a senator in the neighboring state of vermont. in iowa--that margin is much closer with several polls showing clinton and sanders within 5 points of each other. peoplplin south carolina who want to take part in the primaries next month will have to act fast to tomorrow is the deadline to register if you want to vote in the republican primary. the deadline for the democratic primary is on january 27th. you can register by going to the south carolina election commission website at
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tonight, the 24th ranked usc men's basketball team picked up another sec win on the road. the gamecocks traveled to oxford to take on ole miss. in an close overtime battle--usc escaped with a 77 to 74 win over the rebels...and delivered ole miss its' second loss at home. the gamecocks improve to 17 and tomorrow, governor haley will go before state lawmakers to lay out her official agenda for the upcoming year in the state of the state address. the, following the governor's speech, representative mandy powers norrell will give the democratic response. coverage starts at 7--we will carry it live right here on wis. you can also stream it online at a controversial project to revitalize a portion of west columbia will go to a vote at council meeting. the proposed "brookland" development would be on the corner of state and meeting street in west columbia.
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boutiques, and housing. after some neighbors raised concerns about the project -- earlier votes were put on hold. now that most of the concerns have been addressed, a vote to rezone the area has been put on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting. what happens when you put very cold temperatures and a chance of rain in the forecast? homeowners are working to crank up the heat inside as the temperatures drop outside. across the east, the threat of
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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come. the latest system could even impact parts of the carolinas. and the freezing temperatures this week have heating and air businesses working double. we get more tonight from colleen harry in charlotte. just how cold it is - depends on your perspective "i feel appropriate for the
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so for a january night in charlotte "it's cold but i'm fine. as long as you dress okay that's what matters." you can either bundle up outside or hope you have heat inside. as afternoon faded, the temperature started to dip. "i mean it's cold. you see the way i'm holding myself right. it's probably about 60 degrees in the house which is relatively cold considering the inside is a lot warmer normally." jason willis says the furnace hasn't been working right. since it's an old house, it's not as insulated. "last night was cold. last night was real cold." he called for help. "it has been super busy since this cold snap." with colder weather and snow in heating companies say they expect it will get busier. "furnaces going out - mostly lack of maintenance - just like always. typically it's age related or lack of maintenance." "we still have money where we can help bills." mecklenburg county officials say they don't homes. people who can't afford utility bills
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dangerous sources - like space heaters and leaving ovens on. ther county says there's federal money to help pay one time heating bills. "as it's getting colder, we want the right decision and that's to turn on the heat. we want them to avoid living without their heat and creating other issues." prepare for another very cold night with lows in the lower 20s. wednesday is partly cloudy with highs in the mid 40s and a 20% chance of a late day, early evening sprinkle or flurries. cold showers will develop thursrsy afternoon with
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expect periods of rain friday and some rain may be heavy at times. highs in the middle 50s, rain chance 90%. the system quickly moves out early saturday, colder air behind the storm will sneak into the area on the back end in time for a flurry or two early saturday. sunday looks mostly sunny, highs near 50. with colder temperatures in the forecast, a few
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roadways. highway patrol troopers say if you hit a spot of "black ice," take your foot off the gas and reduce
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the brakes. if you're sliding to the right, counter steer to the left and vice versa. road crews are planning to 'spot treat' iced area as they are reported by drivers. "even though it's sunny outside, we could see some problem areas in south carolina where this water has occurred on the roadway. if you encounter that, please be proactive and call us and let us know. that way, we can send a trooper out there, cut the lights on, direct traffic, slow people down." if you see a problem area on the roads, dial "star 47" so that it can be fifid. what will it take to fix the water crisis in flint, michigan? the families affected also want to know the impact on their health ... and if the people who failed them will be held accountable. the governor of michigan is spelling out his plans to
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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help the city of flint through its water contamination crisis. today governor rick snyder called for more state help and the national guard. he's also promising to release his own emails about the emergency. jay gray has the latest nats dozens gathered outside the michigan state house today.. demanding action.. and answers.. nats and tonight.. during his state-of-the-state address.. embattled governor rick snyder promised to find a solution.. michigan "there can be no excuse when michiganders turn on the tap they expect and deserve clean, safe water it's that simple." outrage has been building for months .. after residents in flint learned their city
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with lead.. a problem that began in 20-14.. when to save money.. the city began using the flint river as a source for its water supply.. environmentalists think salt in that water corroded lead pipes - leaving the community at risk.. "the problem needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed quick." and doctors say lead levels in children have doubled or tripled since the switch.. police and the national guard are passing out bottled water in flint.. while federal agents, and the state's attorney general are pouring over city e- mails that reportedly show warnings were ignored for months.. and water samples may have been thrown out to avoid triggering federal warnings requirements.. this afternoon a group of flint residents announced two new class-action lawsuits against county and state officials.. "they were staring at a public health emergency and they sat on it for over 10 lifetime.
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in the state house today, a lawmaker has proposed a crack-down on journalists in the state. today, republican representative mike pitts filed a bill that would require journalists to register with the state before being eligible to work for a news outlet in south carolina. the proposed "responsible journalism" bill would also establish fines and possible criminal penalties s r those who violate the law. the bill has been referred to committee for debate. the south carolina press association says it will fight the bill--which it says is unconstitutional. state lawmakers are also considering proposals to limit refugees coming to south carolina. senators are debating the bills, which include requiring a public database of refugees and holding their sponsors liable for damages if they commit acts of terror. a second bill would ban state agencies from taking on new refugees until the
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establish new security procedures. the department of social services says two refugees have been placed in the state so far, and a second family is waiting to finalize plans. department of revenue officicis want to make sure you get the return you're due. they're warning you to watch out for scams and to be sure to submit your correct information. officials say the quickest way to file your taxes is online, and you'll avoid errors you may make on paper. but, if you do choose to file online--you want to make sure it is secure. "you need to use different passwords and pass phrases for every program that you use, and make sure that you're using a reputable program or website." when looking for a tax preparer, department of revenue officials say make sure you check that person's track record with the better business bureau.
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teams move into a new home. the clemson basketball team hit the road looking for another big win...... the gamecock men also traveling tonight...... and they win a thriller at ole miss...sports is next!!! the usc men's basketball team
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their 13 previous trips to ole miss.... for most of the didn't look like they would get that second victory in oxford...thenenichael carrera put on his superman cape. this one goes down in the rebels' new arena...the pavillion. the gamecocks knew they would have their hands full with the sec's leading scorer...stefan moody...he sinks a three ball to put the rebels up by one....
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17 points, ten rebounds...but carolina is down ten at the half...39-29. second half... moody and the rebels win the three point contest....moody scores all of his game high 24 points on threre pointer...he was eight of 13...ole miss led by 11 with 4:13 to play. here's one of the best plays of the night for carolina. freshman jamall gregory says clear the runway... he makes it a seven point game with a little over three minutes to play. the comeback continues...michael carrera hits two straight's tied at 66 with just over 40 seconds to play. usc closes regulation with an 11-nothing run to send it to overtime. in o-t...sindarius thornwell loses the ball to donte fitzpatrick-dorsey he takes it in for the's tied at 72 with 51 seconds to go... carrera responds for the gamecocks....a three point play with 29 seconds to go....usc up by three.... carrera finishes with a team high 19. the gamecocks win it 77 to 74 in o-t. they improve to 17 and one....four and one in
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the clemson men have been giant killers the past week and a half...knocking off three straight ranked teams for the first time in program history. tonight they were looking to run that streak to four at 13th ranked virginia. jaron blossomgame...the reigning acc player of the week with another strong game....he leads everyone with 23 points...uva up three at the half....31-28. malcolm brogdon leads the cavaliers with 20... the tigers made the cavaliers sweat..... but virginia wins it 69-62. history was made tonight at the new cardinal newman high school. when you have a new most cases that also means you have a brand new gym. the cardinins debuting their new home court tonight against augusta christian..... everyone's fired up....the cheerleaders...the mascot... second half action....allie coates all over the court for cardinal newman...her pass is deflected..she gets the ball back and scores....... the cardinal newman girls win it 52 to 20....and the cardinal newman boys are also victorius 75-55 oveveaugusta
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